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Eric Pierce epierce at rcn.com
Sun Jul 31 16:06:41 PDT 2005

Harold, all,

I have my doubts about this Joseph Minion = Joe Frank theory.

>From what I can tell Joseph Minion made an appearance at the Nantucket Film
Festival in June 1999 with the showing of the film "On the Run" that he is
credited with screenwriting.  Here's an interesting quote from an article I
found online.

"However, there were some hard lessons to learn from many of the other
screenwriters in attendance. Though most writers answered audience questions
after the screenings of their films, one in particular, Joseph Minion (On
the Run) had relatively little to offer. Minion wrote the screenplay at the
request of the director, and he had little to no involvement in the
production, as is most often the case in modern feature filmmaking. And
perhaps unknowingly, Minion did provide the audience with the cold hard
truth that the screenwriter's role and responsibility in the filmmaking
effort is often minimal at best."  -- Excerpt from

Also, IMDB has Joeseph Minion listed as being born in 1957.  Joe Frank is
quite a bit older than that.

- Eric

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> So (and my apologies if anyone else has already asked this question),
> is Joseph Minion A.K.A. Joe Frank?
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> > Alright, I'm probably in the dark, so to speak when it comes to this
> > one...  but the screenwriter on the 1985 Scorsese flick "After Hours"
> > is credited to one Joseph Minion...
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