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Sun Jul 24 02:32:39 PDT 2005

"Incidentally, here's a proven fact:  "ALL JOE FRANK FANS WILL LOVE THE
MOVIE "AFTER HOURS". (or at least appreciate it.)  The movie seems like
it was written and directed by JF himself.   Closest "cinamagraphic"
representation of Joe's work I've ever seen."

I don't concur with this, at all.  I found the film to be a trifle boring.  
The only redeeming elements were the elements they ripped off of Joe (which I 
don't condone)... and, of course, Larry Block's appearance.  Otherwise, they 
should all be ashamed of themselves for stealing Joe's material (though the bulk 
of the blame may fall on Minion's shoulders, the producers of this film 
should've done a better job of ascertaining that the narrative material was 

The best cinematic representations of Joe's work are the projects Joe's been 
involved with himself (which you can find on Playboy's "Inside Out" series, 
and, now, on JoeFrank.com).  Those of you who have seen Joe using this footage 
live can attest to its brilliance.
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