[joe-frank-list] After Hours

Erik Shirokoff shiro at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Fri Jul 29 01:37:54 PDT 2005

I just saw the film for the first time.  The amount of detail copied directly from the radio program is shocking. 

Even outside of the first thirty minute segment, there seem to be a lot of other small, incontextual random elements borrowed from Lies: keys thrown from a window to the sidewalk, a beehive hairdo, being chased down an alley and cornered, a home overrun by rodents.  It's hard to imagine what the writer could have been thinking.  It's almost as though someone was asked to start with the radio program and develop a new ending as a writing exercise.  

Another strange thing - the film prominently features (with little motivation) the song "Is That All There Is?" recorded by Peggy Lee. 

I seem to remember Joe Frank incorporating that song into a monologue toward the end of the Wadsworth show.  (Did that really happen?  Am I mixing up memories of something unrelated?)  I wonder if that was an intentional reference to After Hours.

- Erik

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