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sally at oilostatic.com sally at oilostatic.com
Mon Jul 25 20:15:30 PDT 2005

Hi joe frank fans. I'm a newbie. New to Joe Frank. New to the list.
Currently wading through my "Work in Progress" subscription and  
thoroughly enjoying it!

I wanted to contribute this quote on the subject that I found in a  
Salon article linked from Joe's site:
"Frank was ultimately paid handsomely by producers of a Hollywood  
film (which he won't name) that plagiarized his dialogue, but there  
has never been a real Frank feature film"

It doesn't shed too much light, but is yet another source...

Does anyone know if Joe was ever in the military (Vietnam)?? Sorry if  
this is a retread, but I'm curious.

sally at oilostatic.com
what's an oilostatic?

On Jul 25, 2005, at 10:58 PM, Larry Dunn wrote:

From: bewareofdog at mac.com

> Larry Dunn-  I just find it hard to believe that JF
> would agree to settle and allow someone else take
> credit for his work...

The movie is already out there, there's nothing that
can be done about it.  So he gets a good settlement,
and agrees to leave the issue alone.

Anyway, someone said JF "won" the case, so this could
all be academic.  But were it a settlement, it's not
uncommon for such arrangements to make leave the boat
unrocked and compensate the injured party.  That would
explain the editing of the show.

Check the IMDb page for After Hours.  No credit for
JF.  If he'd won the right to assert a degree of
authorship of the piece, I would expect something to
be made of it on IMDb, which doesn't miss much.

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