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David Gutierrez joe-frank-list at amalon.com
Sun Jul 24 20:08:42 PDT 2005

Speaking of Chel White, I've had this following page bookmarked for 
about 4 years if I'm not mistaken... each time I check, the DVD release 
date keeps getting pushed back. It currently says "Summer 2005", but 
that gives me no consolation, because it's said that for every season 
since about Spring 2001.

Oh well, that's all for me... just had to let that out.


Peisithanatos at aol.com wrote:

> Speaking of cinematic adaptations of Joe's work, Chel White has done a 
> number of short films based off of Joe's material ("Magda the Pretzel 
> Girl", "Soulmate", "Dirt", etc.) in collaboration with Joe.  You can 
> read up on his work here <http://www.skysociety.com/chelwhite.html>.
> Or, in case that hyperlink doesn't work, you can copy & paste the 
> following link: http://www.skysociety.com/chelwhite.html
> ... nice to see credit given where credit's due!
>                     Hegesias
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