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Erik Shirokoff shiro at uclink4.berkeley.edu
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Any idea what fills the extra 30 minutes on the two hour program?  I've never heard mention of it before.  The 90 minute version has the story in it.

I'm also surprised to hear Larry was in the that film.  Very strange coincidence.  
According to IMDB, the original script title was "Lies (USA),"  which is almost too silly to believe.  What sort of lunatic directly copies whole passages of dialog from a work and then also copies *the title*?  Makes one wonder if the story in No Show is true or if there isn't something else going on.  

Joseph Minion has writer credits for six or seven films, and there's at least one interview floating around.  One can't be sure, but he sounds like a real person, despite the name.

According to the WFMU FAQ, Larry first appears in Joe's titled programs in Pilot (1983), although he may have participated in the WBAI stuff before that. (Anyone know?)  Lies was 1982, No Show 1986.  After Hours was released in 1985.  What does that tell us?  Not much, really.  I imagine Larry could clarify if he felt it appropriate to fill us in.


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> There seems to be three versions "somewhere out there  " .
> 1 hour
> 1.5 hour
> 2.0 hour..
> While I find myself interested in this thread and I LOVD the movie After 
> Hours - -saw it way before I ever knew of Joe Frank.... Which is these 
> shows should I listen to has the scoop
> Bob Lee 
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