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Man, it's absurd how blatant the plagiarism is, right
down to minute details (bagel and cream cheese plater
of paris papaerweight?  He's reading Tropic of
Cancer?) and even lines of dialogue.  I first heard of
this whole "After Hours" controversy from my NYU sound
design professor Charlie Potter, who was a
colleague/collaborator of Joe's back in the day.  I'd
been a fan of the movie before I'd even heard of Joe. 

OK, but here's something to stir the pot--yeah, yeah,
I know this is an absurd notion (but let's have fun
with it), but has anyone considered the possibility
that Joe Minion IS Joe Frank?  And that this is all
some kind of jokey post-modern game that's being
played?  That Joe wrote the screenplay under a
pseudonym and then used the plagiarism thing as
material for "No Show"?  I remember that long version
of "No Show," and he details the process of calling
Minion out, talking to his girlfriend on the phone,
Minion being suicidal over the whole thing, etc etc
etc.  And I'm surprised and puzzled that Minion's name
remains on the film, AND the DVD makes no mention of
this.  AND, Minion is notably absent from the
supplementary materials, commentaries, etc.  There's
just a mention that the script was his Columbia
master's thesis.
Either way, how could Joseph Minion had thought he
could get away with this?

--- Bob Lee <bobl at 1amsoftware.com> wrote:

> There seems to be three versions "somewhere out
> there  " .
> 1 hour
> 1.5 hour
> 2.0 hour..
> While I find myself interested in this thread and I
> LOVD the movie After 
> Hours - -saw it way before I ever knew of Joe
> Frank.... Which is these shows 
> should I listen to has the scoop
> Bob Lee 
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