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Marc Plainguet paldek at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jul 24 07:30:12 PDT 2005

>All I can find is the No Show (remix), and after a quick scan I

All this material about "After Hours" is ONLY in the 2 hour long version of
"No Show" which was broadcast and then immediately edited down removing all
the "After Hours" material. Possibly, despite Joe bring ripped off badly, he
had some compassion for the screenwriter and decided to not "air" that dirty
laundry anymore especially considering the personal problems the
screenwriter was also dealing with. Joe never names the film or the
screenwriter in the show but anyone who's seen "After Hours" can figure it
out because the plagiarism is rather blatant. It's so blatant that I
actually saw "After Hours" first and later heard "Lies" and was confused.

Here's another possibility...

In 120 minute of "No Show" Joe says a friend called him and told him he just
saw a movie and the first 20-30 minutes was exactly one of his shows and
that sets the lawsuit in motion. Maybe Larry, who was in the movie, acted in
the movie without seeing the full script (which would be common for a
smaller part) and went to an early screening only to find out that the movie
he acted in was ripping off his friend, thusly Larry being the one that
called Joe and informed him.

Pure speculation. Larry might be able to clear this up, but you never know
stipulations of the lawsuit which could have included keeping quiet about it
all (i.e. cutting down "No Show" to 1 hour). Joe was ripped off badly, but
he is probably compassionate enough to not want to destroy someone else's

Marc Plainguet

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