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Sat Jul 23 21:44:34 PDT 2005

Hey guys... thanx for the speedy response...

Eric & Jon...  is the long version of No Show available on joefrank.com?

All I can find is the No Show (remix), and after a quick scan I  
didn't hear it mentioned.  I'll listen more closely...

BTW-- Levent,  Larry does speak in "After Hours,"  later in the film  
he screams "Let's see how you like it, buddy!" after he grabs twenty  
bucks from Griffin Dunne's hand.

-" I sure would like to listen to the radio myself, except I'm here,  
I am the radio"  -Joe Frank

On Jul 24, 2005, at 12:16 AM, Eric Pierce wrote:

> Joel,
> I strongly recommend you listen to the Joe Frank program entitled  
> No Show.
> I think it will fill you in on this topic quite a bit.
> To summarize, the screenplay for After Hours was not written by Joe  
> Frank
> but instead ripped off by Joseph Minion.  No Show happened around  
> the time
> when Joe Frank had planned to work on a radio program but instead got
> wrapped up in the legal and personal issues surrounding the dispute  
> over
> After Hours.  So involved in fact that the only material that he  
> had for the
> show by the time he had to go on the air was the story of this  
> whole affair.
> So he sat down with the microphone and told the story.
> Check it out.
> - Eric Pierce
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>> Alright, I'm probably in the dark, so to speak when it comes to this
>> one...  but the screenwriter on the 1985 Scorsese flick "After Hours"
>> is credited to one Joseph Minion.  Now Minion's original screenplay
>> was entitled "Lies."  Of course segments from "After Hours"
>> undoubtedly come directly from the 1982 Joe Frank Monologue also
>> entitled  "Lies."  However the photo of Joseph Minion shown in a dvd
>> extra is not Joe Frank and no one seems to mention him anywhere in
>> relation to the project.
>> I tried to dig up some more info on Minion, he has other credits for
>> writing "Vampire's Kiss," "Motorama," and a few others...
>> Seeing as Mr. Block appeared in "After Hours" as the cab driver,
>> could he or anyone shed a little light on this mystery for me?
>> Thanks in advance...
>> Joel Israel
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