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Tue Dec 27 21:34:39 PST 2005

Glad to see there's still interest. 
RE: Joe's web site, there's been some suggestions tossed about and I think Joe's people read the traffic on this mail list so maybe they get some ideas for the next time they work on the site.
Here's a recap of my 2 cents worth:
Some kind of fresh update on a regular basis, weekly would be good. Doesn't have to be new material, just something to let us know there's been activity.  Kind of a webmasters' blog?  Like, "weather out here is colder than usual, the staff has been calling in sick."  or "New DAT machine arrived today, nobody knows how to work it."   Or, "Have a listen to the CD named XYZ by Band_Band we think it's interesting." - maybe a playlist- top ten CDs in heavy rotation around Joe HQ at the moment (see .  Or like "Anybody ever hear of the film maker Swìmm Blädders? Check him out!"  This sort of activity, in the absence of new Joe material, could help maintain some interest and member momentum. Or maybe more Joe-oriented stuff like, "Joe is feeling better this week" or "Joe got a dog."  might be good but we don't really want a "fan" site which, like, invades his space.
Navigation on the site is awkward in spots.  When I log in I go to the "Member Page" http://www.joefrank.com/amember/shows/http://www.joefrank.com/amember/member.php  -  and the names, "Member Page" and "Member Page Home"  - are almost the same, very confusing.
If labor is tight, consider delegating certain routine web tasks to volunteers.
Maybe other folks on the mailing thread could submit their ideas / pet peeves / kudos.....?
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