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Jeff Wagenheim wagenheim at swersey.com
Tue Dec 27 19:34:47 PST 2005

Hi folks,

I'm new to this list, but a longtime Joe Frank fan. Reading comments from folks who clearly are  jonesing for some Joe made me feel like I should chime in by introducing myself and mentioning that I host a weekly show on WMUA in Amherst, Mass., on which I air Joe Frank.

It's a bit of an odd circumstance. Joe is not n the WMUA schedule, but I stick an hour-long Joe show right in the middle of my two-hour show each week. My show is called "Strange Bedfellows," and it airs at 11:30 p.m. on Fridays, with Joe starting at midnight.

WMUA doesn't archive shows, but you can stream it live at  wmua.org. Or, if you're in western Mass., you can tune in at 91.1 FM.

In case you're wondering what the hour of "Strange Bedfellows" that's sandwiched around Joe might sound like, it's pretty different each week, but generally speaking, I like to mix together things that don't usually get lumped together. A Mozart aria followed by some Woody Allen standup. Monk, then Marley. A Jean Shepherd show from 1975. We have fun.

Check it out sometime. And if you know folks in western Mass., please spread the word. I think there's a significant audience for Joe's work here in the Happy Valley, but it's a task getting the word out.

It's well worth the effort, though. Joe Frank is truly ingenius.

Peace all,
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