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Tue Dec 27 14:58:47 PST 2005

I got the idea that the site provides a source of income that Joe found useful.  The man doesn't talk about it, but he's not rolling in dough.  I think times are pretty tough at Chez Joe right now.  I don't mean to imply he is eating only ramen noodles and watching off-the-air TV  but he's not shppoing for a new 'Benz either.  His health care costs are huge and I don't think he has blue cross.....
So I think it would be in Joe's best interest if the web site continued to draw subscribers.
There was a comment abou the site having confusion subscription levels and being hard to use, and, yeah, it is one of the most complex I've seen.... many subscription tiers and this whole pre-queueing mechanism can be a trifle confusing.  I usually have to dig around for a while before I find the page where I can select shows to listen to.  I understand the pre-queue mechanism saves a ton in terms of online storage and possibly streaming charges.  Running a stream server or leasing capacity tends to be very costly.
I wonder if Joe should re-evaluate Audible.com? I think a lot of people get podcasts and content from there.  Part of the issue may be, Joe wants to stream something to you but would rather not give you something you can download and keep  and copy for your pals...
(even though one could easily use a stream-ripper to save the Windows Media files that Joefrank.Com streams.)
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