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David Smith gofishorfigure at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 27 14:40:58 PST 2005

Here, here! You hit the nail on the head BM. There really is no shortage of willing fans and volunteers that would jump through hoops to do Joe's bidding. So in that sense there is no excuse. 

My humble opinion, is that the web has never been a priority or of great interest to Mr. Frank. I think he is "old school" as far as his media format interests go, and when his health took a dive, the web was the first to go, as it was the last to arrive when he was more or less well. He probably had to prioritize, due to the limitations an illness will put on your energy and the web got the axe for now. We might even be living in the age of a Joe-less world so to speak, even if he lives another 20 years. I suppose sometimes it is all we can do just to live and give our energy to those closest to us, and even the passion to create great art (as Joe can do) must take a back seat to the basics.

David S.
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  I know I will probably continue to subscribe even though there's been no new content for a long time, no news, no updates to the site at all.  

  I think it would be in Joe's interest if his webamster made regular updates of status and so on to the site; once a week would not be too much to expect, after all people are paying for the website access.  I think Joe could expect more support via the website if there were more updates - even if they are not new content there should at least be  "Here's what Joe is up to.... his health is blah blah blah." type stuff.   

  Perhaps there is no one available to do the web updates; I would think  there are plenty qualified volunteers available.  I am only a beginner when it comes to writing javascript or java applets, but I know Dreamweaver to a degree and am passable at Flash, as well as pretty good at manual HTML, and I can offer the time- and I'm sure there's plenty more like me out there.....
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