[joe-frank-list] Is this thing on?

Tom McDonald awkwardgrace at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 14:16:57 PST 2005

The only JF news of late, for me, is that KPFA no
longer archives his show, which they air on Sunday
nights. I would tap into it every Monday or Tuesday to
get my Frank fix. Now that the plug is pulled there,
not sure what to do and I've been JF-less. I sent
email to them asking what up, but no response from the
station (not whining about that, just saying...)

I'm a pretty flexible and undemanding person but I
just can't deal with the official JF website with its
confusing subscription programs, inconsistencies, and
what not. If I could get those shows through the Apple
music store, for example, I'd probably have them all
by now. If they were podcasts that'd be even
better--don't ask me how money could be made that way,
of course...


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