[joe-frank-list] David Franks

Sarah Morrill sarah at morrill.org
Tue Aug 9 20:45:12 PDT 2005

Some of Joe's most fascinating stuff comes from the reclusive composer, 
poet, dadaist David Franks.

I've always wanted to know the story behind the phone calls in Prayer 
and Hotline.

Nobody at joefrank.com was able to give me any information.

Fortunately, I've been able to track down somebody who has been working 
with David Franks and he told me about an interview he gave recently for 
  WYPR. In that interview he talks a little about Alice and the fact he 
once worked for one of those psychic hotlines.

You can hear the interview at


The interview answered a lot of questions for me, but something I'd 
still like to know is if Franks simply mailed the tapes to Joe Frank or 
if they collaborated somehow.

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