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Harold Johnson harold.johnson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 18:24:50 PDT 2005

Hi Steve,

I haven't posted to this group a whole lot either, though I've been
watching it off and on for a few years.  I'm glad to see you've
posted, especially since you seem to have taken the time to post a
well-thought, intelligent and considerate post.

So here's my thoughts: I don't believe there are any particular rules
here; I would expect the common sense protocols common on many online
forums.  In other words, respect your neighbor, etc.  Though I'd
imagine many of us hold Joe Frank - or at the very least, his art - at
high esteem, but I'm not about to say I worship him (yet; though if he
starts a religion, I don't know, LOL).

I find it funny that you say you're not quite comfortable referring to
him as "Joe" yet; I've often had the same feeling.  When I refer to
him here or on one of my blogs - let's say I'm writing some commentary
about storytelling artists or something - I'm inclined to refer to the
man by his full name, too.  I believe it's because I don't wish to be
perceived as one of those nutjobs who talks about a
celebrity/artist/whomever as if they *really* know her.  (I'm not
referring to any of you posting to this list - except for you, of
course, Larry Block.  That's a joke, LOL.)

Example: Following is a link to some commentary I recently posted in
which I mentioned Joe Frank; you'll, however, that I *crossed the
line* and referred to him by his forename:


That's all I have to say for now.  I'm off to watch an episode of
Deadwood I picked up at Goodwill; I hear this show's pretty decent.

Harold J. Johnson

On 4/30/05, Steve Schneider <steve at theavocadopapers.com> wrote:
> Never posted to this list before, although I've been following it for a
> while.  I saw Larry Dunn's post a few weeks ago, and noticed the lack of
> response, or even comment, which led me to believe that the "who is
> Kate" topic is somehow taboo on this list, and/or among Joe Frank fans.
> But I'm not sure why it should be (perhaps it isn't).  One might argue
> that "we must respect Joe's privacy," but nobody's talking about
> disrespecting anyone's privacy; surely J.F. (sorry, not comfortable
> referring to him as "Joe") knew that there would be speculation as to
> "Kate's" identity when he did the Karma shows.  If he were truly and
> completely committed to keeping her identity a secret, he probably
> wouldn't have produced a dozen or so shows centered on her.  (I don't
> mean to imply that by doing she shows, he intended to reveal her
> identity; just that the possibility of her identity being revealed
> surely crossed his mind as a "risk".)
> Anyway, I hope that this seems like a legitimate topic for discussion on
> this list; if someone writes a biography of J.F. at some point, this
> will, I'd imagine, be a point of speculation, and with good reason:
> understanding "who someone is" (presumably the purpose of writing a
> biography, and one of the purposes of being a member of a list like
> this) -- the "someone" here being J.F. -- is often furthered by knowing
> whom they choose to have relationships with.  (Or maybe I'm a blasphemer
> for broaching the topic; if so, fine; J.F. is a great "blasphemer," so
> I'm in good company.)
> At any rate, I have, frankly, scoured the web looking for an answer to
> this Kate question and found absolutely nothing (including, even, any
> speculation, including on this list).  My thoughts on this topic (which
> really isn't important; then again, I can't imagine that anyone on this
> list hasn't at least idly wondered about it) are:
> 1) My guess is that Kate isn't actually Welsh.  Wales is not a large
> place, and it seems to me that if Kate were actually Welsh, then
> revealing that about her would be a "dead giveaway".  (If she WERE
> Welsh, then Catharine Zeta-Jones would fit the description nicely --
> except perhaps with regard to her age; see below about that -- but then
> "Kate" would be a truly poor attempt at hiding her identity.)  My guess
> is that "Welsh" is a stand-in for, what: English?  Scottish?  Irish?
> Who knows.
> 2) Timing: these shows were produced in 1999 and 2000, I believe?  If
> so, Kate is someone (if we are to go on the facts as relayed by J.F.,
> which of course may be a big mistake) whose career was taking off around
> that time: she received $400,000 to star in (or play a large role in) a
> "police drama" around that time, one filmed in Italy.  400 grand is not
> a HUGE sum to be paid for being in a movie, but someone who's getting
> paid that amount is probably someone people have heard of.  (Note:
> perhaps her career never "took off"; perhaps someone made a bad
> 400-grand gamble.)
> 3) Age.  I'm confused about this one.  There's discussion in one of the
> Karma shows about Kate mentioning that "younger lovers" are superior
> lovers; how old do you have to be to have a "younger lover"?
> Theoretically, of course, any age; realistically, though: what, 30s?  As
> for an "upper limit" on her age, I don't have one -- I'd note, though,
> that someone in their 50s probably isn't being paid $400,000 for her
> first major film.  I can't remember if there's any discussion of Kate
> wanting children or not; that would provide a clue as well.
> 4) Physical attributes: tall, beautiful, magnetic, striking.
> Dark-haired, I think, although maybe I'm just getting that from the fact
> that I have visually cast C. Zeta-Jones in the role of Kate; I admit it.
> Or perhaps I'm being way too literal here -- perhaps Kate is a short,
> fat Vietnamese woman in her seventies who get paid not $400,000 but
> $400, and not to star in a film but to be an extra in one.
> Thoughts?  I'm hoping that this is a Joe Frank discussion list as
> opposed to a Joe Frank reverence/worship club; if it's the latter, this
> post won't be popular and I promise to leave the church immediately.
> -- Steve.
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> While volunteering for KCRW, I once asked Joe this exact question. His
> answer was "yes," but wouldn't tell me who.
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>    Hello, I'm new to this list.  I listened to the Karma
> series a month or so ago, and I remain intensely
> curious as to who "Kate" was.  Any ideas?  I do get
> the feeling that was at least based on an actual relationship.
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