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Steve Schneider steve at theavocadopapers.com
Sat Apr 30 17:07:11 PDT 2005

Never posted to this list before, although I've been following it for a
while.  I saw Larry Dunn's post a few weeks ago, and noticed the lack of
response, or even comment, which led me to believe that the "who is
Kate" topic is somehow taboo on this list, and/or among Joe Frank fans.
But I'm not sure why it should be (perhaps it isn't).  One might argue
that "we must respect Joe's privacy," but nobody's talking about
disrespecting anyone's privacy; surely J.F. (sorry, not comfortable
referring to him as "Joe") knew that there would be speculation as to
"Kate's" identity when he did the Karma shows.  If he were truly and
completely committed to keeping her identity a secret, he probably
wouldn't have produced a dozen or so shows centered on her.  (I don't
mean to imply that by doing she shows, he intended to reveal her
identity; just that the possibility of her identity being revealed
surely crossed his mind as a "risk".)

Anyway, I hope that this seems like a legitimate topic for discussion on
this list; if someone writes a biography of J.F. at some point, this
will, I'd imagine, be a point of speculation, and with good reason:
understanding "who someone is" (presumably the purpose of writing a
biography, and one of the purposes of being a member of a list like
this) -- the "someone" here being J.F. -- is often furthered by knowing
whom they choose to have relationships with.  (Or maybe I'm a blasphemer
for broaching the topic; if so, fine; J.F. is a great "blasphemer," so
I'm in good company.)

At any rate, I have, frankly, scoured the web looking for an answer to
this Kate question and found absolutely nothing (including, even, any
speculation, including on this list).  My thoughts on this topic (which
really isn't important; then again, I can't imagine that anyone on this
list hasn't at least idly wondered about it) are:

1) My guess is that Kate isn't actually Welsh.  Wales is not a large
place, and it seems to me that if Kate were actually Welsh, then
revealing that about her would be a "dead giveaway".  (If she WERE
Welsh, then Catharine Zeta-Jones would fit the description nicely --
except perhaps with regard to her age; see below about that -- but then
"Kate" would be a truly poor attempt at hiding her identity.)  My guess
is that "Welsh" is a stand-in for, what: English?  Scottish?  Irish?
Who knows.

2) Timing: these shows were produced in 1999 and 2000, I believe?  If
so, Kate is someone (if we are to go on the facts as relayed by J.F.,
which of course may be a big mistake) whose career was taking off around
that time: she received $400,000 to star in (or play a large role in) a
"police drama" around that time, one filmed in Italy.  400 grand is not
a HUGE sum to be paid for being in a movie, but someone who's getting
paid that amount is probably someone people have heard of.  (Note:
perhaps her career never "took off"; perhaps someone made a bad
400-grand gamble.)

3) Age.  I'm confused about this one.  There's discussion in one of the
Karma shows about Kate mentioning that "younger lovers" are superior
lovers; how old do you have to be to have a "younger lover"?
Theoretically, of course, any age; realistically, though: what, 30s?  As
for an "upper limit" on her age, I don't have one -- I'd note, though,
that someone in their 50s probably isn't being paid $400,000 for her
first major film.  I can't remember if there's any discussion of Kate
wanting children or not; that would provide a clue as well.

4) Physical attributes: tall, beautiful, magnetic, striking.
Dark-haired, I think, although maybe I'm just getting that from the fact
that I have visually cast C. Zeta-Jones in the role of Kate; I admit it.

Or perhaps I'm being way too literal here -- perhaps Kate is a short,
fat Vietnamese woman in her seventies who get paid not $400,000 but
$400, and not to star in a film but to be an extra in one.

Thoughts?  I'm hoping that this is a Joe Frank discussion list as
opposed to a Joe Frank reverence/worship club; if it's the latter, this
post won't be popular and I promise to leave the church immediately.

-- Steve.

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While volunteering for KCRW, I once asked Joe this exact question. His 
answer was "yes," but wouldn't tell me who.

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   Hello, I'm new to this list.  I listened to the Karma
series a month or so ago, and I remain intensely
curious as to who "Kate" was.  Any ideas?  I do get
the feeling that was at least based on an actual relationship.

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