[joe-frank-list] Audio Acid Experiement #1 - Paranoia

Justin Kempton justin at kempton.com
Sat Oct 30 17:17:25 PDT 2004

To all Joe Frank fans and lovers of strange audio,

...Inspired by the work of Joe Frank whose late night audio on KCRW 
broke all levels of norms and tradition, at some point I came to believe 
that audio diaries themselves might have long term historical importance 
for future societies. That, on their own, they capture just as 
accurately a feeling and understanding of the times we live in as any 
music CD or interview. And since there are many recording artists, why 
not have many audio journalists? And though I love Joe Frank's work much 
more then my own, it had seemed at the time that the flow of new 
material stopped coming from him, and that perhaps there was room in the 
field for amateurs like myself to push the category forward....

to read and listen to more, visit this site :


Justin Kempton

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