[joe-frank-list] Re: Joe Frank heard on the radio in Chicago 24 hours a day

MarkwP3096 at aol.com MarkwP3096 at aol.com
Sat Oct 30 02:48:17 PDT 2004

I first heard Joe Frank on a drive from Davis, CA back to San Francisco 
around 8 years ago.
Since then, I have purchased nearly $500.00 in both tapes and CD's from KCRW 
as well as having flown down to LA to see him at Wadsworth many years ago. For 
whatever it's worth, I've always thought that Frank deserved to be paid for 
his work although the customer service from KCRW always sucked. If you like the 
guy's work, be prepared to pay for it. Everyone's got to eat.
Best regards,
M.W. Palasits
San Francisco, CA
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