[joe-frank-list] Re: make Joe's radio public

Dave Dyer ddyer at real-me.net
Sat Oct 30 01:06:04 PDT 2004

Joe's work was all public, or at leat 95% of if was, due to the
dilligent efforts of his fans, who collected, stored, and supplied
bandwidth to distribute it.  All at no cost (and no income) to 
Joe.  But it did keep the flame alive, and the sometimes inferior
technical quality and/or censored for airplay versions served to
tease fans into buying real copies on CD.

Lets be charitable and say that Joe is in a dry spell in his
creative career, and is trying various means to cash in
on his glory days, when he had an audience of millions.

His live performances are great (so I've read here) but play
to those who remember his radio work.  This subscription
plan is another way to extract a little more cash from his
ageing fan base.  I don't see either of these things as
career advancing moves.  Sadly, I fear his remarks upon
receiving the lifetime achievement award will prove accurate.

I have no idea if joefrank.com is being created by well paid
professionals or another cadre of devoted fans, but I can't
imagine that this subscription plan will generate enough income
to justify a realistic account of the expenses involved.  Meantime
it has succeeded in making joe's work a lot less acessable.
That can't be good for the long run.

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