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Robert Holland rholland356 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 3 19:50:06 PST 2004

It is easy to believe that sharing another's work is
in your best interest when you have never lived from
your own creative energies. Try it sometime and you'll
soon sing a different tune...

Pay the man! He created some great work, and just
because you can use technology to defeat the laws of
supply and demand, it doesn't make it right or


--- Dave Dyer <ddyer at real-me.net> wrote:

> I certaintly didn't mean to imply that Joe ever made
> piles
> of money, or that he's greedy.  More likely, at
> least for his
> radio work, he's gone from subsistance income to no
> income.
> However, net of expenses involved, the subscription
> scheme
> isn't going to improve his balance sheet in the
> short run, 
> and will hurt in the long run.   I'm firmly in the
> camp that
> believes that music (or Joe Frank) sharing creates a
> larger
> audience for the offical product.
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