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BILLMILOSZ at aol.com BILLMILOSZ at aol.com
Tue Nov 2 15:36:26 PST 2004

I just watched "The Perfect Woman" one of the video shorts that Joe Frank did 
for Playboy's "Inside Out" series in ~1992.  What a riot!  Perfect Joe blend 
of surreal riotous humor, exaggerated angst and an inner, ironic truth.

It's one of the October premium items, there is a video among the November 
premium too.  

I have a broadband connection and it played perfectly; it's Windows Media 
which is pretty compressed and I think it might play OK on a 56k dialup too, but 
maybe not- try it and see.

My only complaint:  would have been nice to have a higher bitrate available 
for those of us with broadband connections, this stream was ID'ed   as "windows 
media LO" so my guess is the web techs at JoeFrank.Com encoded multiple 
bandwidths (as is available with the Windows Streaming Media Server) but are only 
offering the lower bandwidth stream.  Maybe this saves expense on the hosting 
end, if so then it's a compromise I can live with because it looked OK.  I'd 
just like to see more detail if possible, but you certainly get the whole story 
and feel from the 100k stream.

The writing is just great, and to see Joe translated to the screen really 
"works" -  I wonder why Hollywood hasn't made more use of Joe's stories on the 
silver screen or on TV.  Because they're a bunch of idiots and Philistines, I 
guess, who wouldn't know quality if it bit them in the ass.
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