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Chavez, Aaron, ISD achavez382 at worldsavings.com
Mon Mar 22 11:03:09 PST 2004

We've been had, or at least I have.  "A little too verite" (from Larry's
message), uh huh.  I'm embarrassed for even worrying about whether or
not it was real.


Joe and Larry kicked my ass.  Shee-it, I feel privileged. 


Aaron Chavez

Aka coyoteafternoon


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Larry Block (Joe Frank colleague) is having problems trying to send this
message to all of the folks on the Joe Frank listserv.  He has
apparently been sending this message to the list but it's not going out,
and he has asked me to help by forwarding this email to the list. I
think perhaps Mr. Block is just having a little trouble with his
computer; in any event I am happy to forward this for Mr. Block.


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Greetings:  A subscriber recently reported that he heard what sounded
like an angry confrontation between Joe Frank and Larry Block (a series
regular) on a pledge drive call-in segment broadcast from radio station
FMU in New Jersey.  It seems that the radio-verite style had a little
too much verite for some who listened, and perhaps even for the hostess
of the segment, who rather abruptly ended the encounter.  Ofcourse, the
whole verbal altercation -  in which Larry Block accused Joe Frank of
owing him back pay and of being impossible to reach by any means short
of calling in to a pledge drive - was planned and had been recently used
as the basis for an improvosation for a pledge drive for KPFA in San
Francisco.  The FMU hostess apparently thought that Larry Block was a
dangerous character and that Joe had to be shielded.  This absurd action
on her part has contributed to the growing perception that Larry Block
has gone over the edge, which I can assure any loyal fans is not the
case.  I speak with some authority, I think, since I am, in fact, Larry
Block.  All the best from the edge.  Larry 

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