[joe-frank-list] My letter to the Third Coast International Audio Festival webmaster...

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Wed Oct 22 14:38:09 PDT 2003

We're going to be streaming MP3s of the introduction and Joe's acceptance 
speech as soon as we get the audio - probably tomorrow.  (By the way, next 
site iteration will not have Real streams.)

We have a transcript of Joe's speech and pictures now up at 



The Joe Frank Web Team

Quoting Matt on Hotmail <matthewshepherd at hotmail.com>:

>  Hello Mark,
> I'm an eager Joe Frank fan who'd love to hear his acceptance speech, but my
> love for Joe Frank is a close second behind my utter loathing for RealPlayer
> in all its forms. It's a despicable piece of software that rapes your
> computer's preference settings and works its way into your system like a
> chigger with botulism. So as much as I'd like to hear Joe's speech, I can't
> bring myself to click that horrific little "install" button and let this
> resource glutton and spyware hog have its wicked way with my antiquated
> machine.
> Any chance you'll be posting it in MP3 or any other format?
> I'm not trying to give you a hard time especially, I just really, really,
> really dislike RPOne.
> Thanks,
> Matt Shepherd
> www.man-man.org

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