[joe-frank-list] Live shows and pondering the KPFA interview

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Yea !! New York !!
Bob Lee

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> Joe is reviewing his performance at South Coast Repertory and considering
> possibility of revising and presenting the show in Los Angeles, San
> and maybe New York.  For this reason, he would prefer postponing CD and
> production of the live South Coast Repertory show.
> Send us your recommendations for intimate theatres in these locations -
> seating between 200-500 or so -  and we'll let you know when the next
> performance takes place.
> ================
> The KPFA interview was very interesting and held some surprises for us
here at
> JF.com. In quintessential Joe Frank style, the line between fact and
> appeared once again to be blurred.  For example, we happen to know someone
> knows the lady in "Terminal" who took Larry Block in that night and then
> kicked him out... and she claims this really happened. So, although Joe
> in the interview that it was fiction, it appears, after all, to have been
> fact. Or maybe?  Who knows. Your guess is as good as ours.
> The JF.com Team
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