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Tue May 20 12:21:07 PDT 2003

--- Chuck Scurich <cscurich at yahoo.com> wrote:
> From Chuck Scurich Mon May 19 21:12:35 2003
> Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 21:12:35 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Chuck Scurich <cscurich at yahoo.com>
> Subject: help?
> To: gyral at yahoo.com
> Hi,
> My name is Chuck Scurich, I live in Oakland, CA, and last night I heard Joe
> Frank for the very first time on KPFA radio, and really liked his stuff a
> lot.
> What the problem is:  I driving to Los Angeles Early Wednesday - and it is
> about an 8 hour drive and would love to have some of Joe Frank stuff to
> listen
> too.  I just found out that there is no way to get MP3s of his shows, but I
> thought maybe you could let me know how I could get just one or two to listen
> to on that long lonely drive south.  I really don't mind paying Joe Frank for
> any of his CDs, and I am sure I will, but it is just bad timing this time for
> me.
> What do you think?  Can you help me someway?
> Chuck
> =====
> Chuck Scurich
> Scurich at pobox.com

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