[joe-frank-list] live show in O.C.-- COMMENTs?

Irwin, Shawn shawn.irwin at canyons.edu
Mon May 19 17:46:59 PDT 2003

In his first piece he talks to someone on the phone and all you hear is Joe
saying stuff like "But that will take all night. Don't forget the olive oil.
Not the feather boa, we've done that to death. The airport? No. It's too
crowded there." I think that was an expanded version from Talk To Me. The
one where he interviews a mime who is performing at Carnegie Hall. (One of
my favorites!)

In another piece he talks about love. "Why love? All the trouble, the
heartache, the expense, the posturing." I think that is from Windows around
the last half of the program. (Another favorite)

In my opinion it was a wonderful show (even with the fog) and I will be
looking out for any other live performances that he may do in the future.
(please, please, please!)

To answer another post, he phoned in the Berkeley call-in show from his home
in Santa Monica.

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> One or two of the pieces seemed to have some familiar content to me,
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