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You can listen to streams of many of his shows on the official website.  It 
is on the RealPlayer format; you can listen but not download.  They probably 
have at least half of the shows streamed.


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>ok, so now let me get this straight, unless I tune in on the radio somehow,
>is the only way I can sample joe's stuff to see what I am looking for to 
>them on the best guess of the title from his website?
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> > My "oops" here, the program I heard was To The Bar Life, but
> > the bozo at kvds had played side 2 first, followed by side 1,
> > so what I heard at the end of the program sounded like what
> > would come immediately before the start of part 2 of A Kiss
> > is Just a Kiss.   Part 1 of Kiss remains among the missing.
>I tuned in to KVDS via computer late last night hoping to hear some Joe, as
>a result of the first "A Kiss is
>Just a Kiss" message. It didn't sound like anything of his I'd heard 
>and I've heard most of what's been
>available over the years, but I was a few minutes late and hoping that the
>inane rambling I was hearing was
>something he was using towards some more interesting purpose.
>But I finally called the station and found that Joe's shows have been put 
>some kind of "hold" at that station
>and what I was listening to was some "spoken word" by Jello Biafra. I was
>suprized that guy is still around.
>Pretty embarassing stuff by itself.
>I'm thinking there are issues now occuring to somebody at the station about
>their legal rights as far as
>broadcasting the material.
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