[joe-frank-list] Mp3's

Matt Shepherd matthewshepherd at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 12 17:03:55 PDT 2003

Hi geo, and all you other Frankophiles,

While it's always a pleasure to see my name in all caps, I'd rather not be
dragged into a full-bore raging debate over what I hoped would be a
disarming comment.

I saw tempers flaring in what is usually a pretty easygoing group over the
MP3 argument, and I thought the point that debating audio quality of a show
intended for radio is a bit redundant was a very valid point to raise. My
hope was that people might sit back and relax about the whole thing.

Now, whether or not you think my point is valid or not is obviously beyond
my control, but having my name "shouted" along with the statement that you
don't care what I think is pretty demeaning. I'd like to think that everyone
who contributes to this group has something to say about Joe Frank and his
work, and that all comments made in the spirit of friendliness and
constructive criticism will be welcome.

> I can only
> imagine JOE FRANK at home laughing his ass off while he reads this
> drivel.

Man, I hope he has better things to do. Joe, if you ARE reading this, turn
off your computer and go do some radio. Please.

- Matt Shepherd

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