[joe-frank-list] Yet another format discussion

jason carr mouse at mousetrap.net
Wed Jun 11 09:19:28 PDT 2003

On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, suricata.suricatta wrote:

> >>Many of the JF MP3s in circulation were ripped from cassette and
> >>encoded poorly. =A0The format itself is not to blame.
> There is nothing inherently wrong with ripping from cassette.

Agreed, but it usually doesn't help.

> Also, if you could describe an effective method of "encoding poorly" I wo=
uld be grateful.

Using a Xing encoder, for example, or one of the other substandard encoders=
wide use at the time the first generation of JF encodes were made..

> >>Hmmm, takes about 90% less time to burn the same number of shows,
> >>uses 90% less plastic, costs a lot less to mail? =A0Shall I go on?
> While I suppose it does take less time to burn a CD-R, I do not believe t=
hat the plastic costs

Not plastic costs, but plastic usage.  I was making an environmental argume=
nt with that item.

>or mailing costs would change in any significant way. CD-Rs can often be p=
urchased at 10 cents
>or less per disc, especially in large quanitities.

It costs more to mail more discs, as US mail is rated by weight.

>Have we even established that he is using CD-Rs and not sending out presse=
d CDs?

Previous purchasers have indicated CD-R, IIRC.  I don't know if that's the =
case now.

>The weight and size difference between 1 CD and 10 CDs is negligable,

It costs about $0.60 to mail one cd, and $1.52 to mail 10.  That's about a =
per order.

I don't have any desire to drag this out forever; so you can have the last =

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