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Robert Holland rholland356 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 20:27:24 PDT 2003

My ears are not as discerning, and I find the Joe
Frank I listen to on mp3 to be good enough for me.
Modern car stereo and home DVD machines play MP3

As for cost, Joe saves replication and fulfillment
costs if he sells collections of shows. Also, he's got
to consider the competition, which, frankly, is his
own web site, where shows stream for free.

Since Joe's production costs were paid by public radio
long ago, he can afford to produce low-cost
collections. Essentially, it's almost all profit!

So, yeah, a C-note for a collection of shows on DVD
would be OK. A group of shows on CD in MP3 format for
$25 or $35 would be better.


--- "suricata.suricatta" <suricatta at rcn.com> wrote:
> >>Wouldn't it be cool if we could purchase these
> shows
> >>in MP3 format on CD
> I already have lots of Joe's work on MP3. It sounds
> horrible. That's what lossy compression does. It
> makes things small, but makes them sound horrible. I
> personally cannot imagine why he would want to sell
> his work in any kind of compressed format. If
> anything, he could consider selling it on SACD :).
> >>or in .WAV format on DVD?
> Yeah. That would be ok, I guess. Although he would
> have to decide how to group the 7 or so shows that
> would fit on a DVD.
> >>Maybe a
> >>season of shows for a C-note?
> LOL. Yeah, a season of shows for $100 would
> certainly be cheap. No question. I don't think Joe
> has any intention of selling his work so cheaply
> though. $2.00/show instead of $14.00/show would
> certainly be nice. At least for us.
> >>I would like to have more than one show on a disk.
> >>Why? Because one reason for converting my CD
> >>collection to MP3 is that I can put away in deep
> >>storage the original disks, which always made for
> >>lousy room accessories.
> You don't need to compress your music to store your
> CDs. Hard drive space is cheap these days. You can
> store them in WAV, APE, or FLAC formats with no
> reduction in quality. Just compress the shows
> yourself.
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