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Mon Jan 3 13:53:46 PST 2011

Will anyone be doing a Wagon Train to Estrella (truck/trailer space purchase)?

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Greetings unto the Populace of the West. 

Now that the Holidays are past, I know people are wondering about Estrella War. 
There is still time to Pre-Register (which saves you money). Go to here 
http://www.estrellawar.org/ to do that. 

To assist in creating a comfortable West Kingdom camp layout I will need some 
information to be able to accommodate everyone.This only applies to those  that 
are Camping with the West Kingdom. If you are day-tripping from a  hotel, I will 

only need to know your information if you were planning on  putting a day-shade 
IN the West Camping Area. If a War Unit or Household  (or any subgroup) that 
wants to camp together wants to appoint someone  on gathering their information 
that would be appreciated.

Mundane Name:
SCA Name:
Pre Registration Number (if you have one):
Tent type (Mundane, Period)
Tent size with ropes:
Orientation of tent door (long side, short side) (to keep us from making  the 
only space that your tent fits in be opening into the side of  someones tent)
Expected Arrival Date/Time:
Preference on who you would like to camp next to (if you have one, like War 
Unit, Household):

In Service, 

Baroness Theiadora Groves, OP
Land Agent 

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