[Darkwood-SCA] IMPORTANT MDR Prize Tourney Location Change!!

Anne FitzRichard anneofmdr at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 18 21:37:25 PST 2009

Greetings to all,

Please forgive if you get this on multiple lists.  We are trying to 
Cover as many Bases as we can!  Please Cross Post on any list you feel 
may need the information!

Due to an unforeseen circumstance the location of MDR Prize Tourney has 
Changed!  A huge Thank you to Ord Military Community Scouting Groups for 
allowing us to use their Site! 

It's not too far from the site listed in the Page and we WILL have signs 
leading you from there to the new site!!!

New Address is 4243 Gigling Road, Seaside, CA 93955 at the Ord Military 
Community Scout Building (Does come up on Google Maps as Approximate 
location but it's fine)

 From the North or South; find your best route to Hwy 1.  Take the 
Lightfighter Drive Exit.  Turn Right on to General Jim Moore Blvd (3rd 
Light).  Turn Right on to Gigling Road.  You will pass the Scout 
Building on your Right. Turn right at the Stop Sign towards the PX.  
Turn right at the first drive towards the credit Union.  The Scout 
Building is just past the Credit Union on the Right.  Parking may be 
limited near the credit union.  Overflow parking will be across the 
street at the ACS Parking Lot.  We will have SCA Signs out leading the way!

The autocrat, Morwynna Goch (Amy Philips) will have her phone on to take 
any calls for directions. Please consult your page for contact 
information.  Email address is at3sparky at gmail.com

It's that time of year again!  MDR is hosting their annual Prize Tourney 
to start the Tourney season off!  We have Heavy Fighting, We have Rapier 
Fighting and NEW This year is the Children's' Hunkerhauser Tourney!  Of 
course what is a tourney without Prizes!!!  I've heard rumors of a 
Haversack and a Drinking Horn as well!  Don't forget to bring a bowl for 
the Soup Kitchen Lunch!  This year Anne Fitz Richard is cooking Beef 
Barley Soup and Oatmeal Leek Soup.  Bread will be provided in limited 

So...you ask what is the Cost for this wonderful event...it's Free 
(donations are gladly accepted)!  That includes the Soup Kitchen Luncheon!

Site will open at 10 am.  We do have indoor facilities in case of 
inclement weather!  Bring your Armor! Bring your Projects!  Bring your 
Family!  Bring a Friend!  But most of all, Bring yourself!  You will not 
want to miss the MDR Prize Tourney!


Anne Fitz Richard
(for the Autocrat)

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