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Hey folks,
I asked the Main Stewards if they would mind if I forwarded their answers to some boating and fishing questions that were asked on the Stewards’ List.  They reformatted the answer for the general populace and I’ve included it below.  I’ve also included the sites rules from the Constable.  If I can get a copy of the gate book PDF, I will post it here as well (it’s in final proofing right now).  Remember that all of our rules sit on top of modern civil and criminal law and at no time does any SCA rule countermand or contravene those laws or regulations.  SCA site rules can, however, be stricter than modern regulations, usually because we know our people way too well and we normally put parks to usages that most Rangers cannot imagine.  Something about their idea of camping has nothing to do with how we interpret the concept…   <grin>
Boating, fishing and swimming activities on site are NOT a part of the SCA or Great Western War 11 official activities.  Anyone using the lake for ANY activities do so at their own risk and as private individuals and guests of Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Park .  
The same concept applies to the gun range next door or the full hook up RV section of the park.  If guests at GWW also choose to use those facilities they do so at their own risk and not as a part of our event or activities.  
Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area allows fishing (with proper licenses), low speed boating (5 MPH or less) on the lake and shoreline MOORING.  It does NOT allow shoreline LAUNCHING unless the boat is a very small hand carried row boat.  There are two newly renovated and easily accessible boat launch ramps available on site, one near the equestrian area and one in the Dry RV area.  We are directing our guests who have brought large horse & boat trailers to park them in those areas if they’d like. 
If we see some of our guests violating Buena Vista’s boating, fishing or swimming rules we will simply encourage our friends to follow the rules and if they don’t we will notify the park staff so that they can handle the situation to their satisfaction. Just like we would do if we found non SCA fishermen (who are guests of the park) breaking the rules.  
The staff of GWW will always do what we can to accommodate our guests within the guidelines of our normal rules and regulations.  If guests have signed up with land allocation requesting a particular location, and they have followed all posted rules, and there is space available where they requested, when it is their turn to be allocated, the staff will do what we can to accommodate the request.  We extend the same courtesy to our handicapped guests who request flat ground or those who bring siege engines and request something close to the battlefield.  Because this is the first year that we have had Land Allocation at this park, Guests with special needs will be given slightly more consideration than normal.    
Cara & Gavin
General Site Rules
The laws and codes of the US Government, the State of California , Kern County and Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area will preside over all.
Further, all participants will be expected to follow the rules and guidelines of the SCA and the Kingdom of Caid . 
No functional firearms will be allowed on the site. 

No fireworks will be allowed on site. 
Persons shall not remove, destroy, or mutilate any park property. 
Anyone who moves event property without the express permission of the staff as well as any person who might harbor or abet them in said violations will be subject to possible immediate ejection from the event.  These properties include but are not limited to: road signs and markers, tents, tables & chairs that belong to the event, markers used for activities, etc. 
Golf Carts are private property; they are not for personal use at any time.  Any unauthorized persons found operating, moving, or altering the condition of any golf cart in any way may be removed from the site and could be subject to severe civil and or criminal penalties.  
No rollerblades, skateboards, mopeds, scooters or motorbikes will be permitted. Personal ECVs and electric wheelchairs are permitted.
Contact Security regarding any Lost or Found items.  You may retrieve your lost items at the Event Head Quarters tent located near Merchant Village .  

We are here to have fun, yet not at the expense of others. Please remember to respect others. 

All RV campers should park their RVs in the designated lot. This lot has larger spaces and includes wider lanes for turning and backing these oversized vehicles.  
NO trenches, wastewater pits or fire pits may be dug on site.
Please stay in garb at all times while participating at the war. 
There are NO SCA approved swimming or boating areas on site.  Any swimming or boating is done at your own risk.
No refunds will be given to persons ejected from the event.

Entry Policy

Your site token issued at Gate is your receipt to the campgrounds. Be sure to wear your site token at all times. Great Western War participants must show their site token to re-enter the site. Without the site token, you must pay to re-enter. If you can not show your site token on request you may be escorted to your encampment to retrieve your site token or to the gate for a token purchase.  Anyone who cannot produce a site token and who refuses to purchase one will be ejected from the event without refund.  
Your vehicle needs to be marked at all times while parked in the park grounds. You will be issued a car tag that must be displayed clearly on your dashboard or mounted to your trailer. Vehicles without a proper tag will be reported to the Police as trespassers.  

Trespassing is against the law and is a punishable offense. Gate crashing or sneaking onto the site using false or expired tokens is trespassing. This is an act without honor; a sense of honor is what our Society is built upon. There is no honor in committing the act of trespassing or in aiding the commission of the act. Anyone caught trespassing or aiding in the act of gate crashing, etc., will be ejected from the site without refund. 

Alcohol / Illegal Substances

The legal drinking age in California is 21 years. Violation of laws regarding illegal substances will not be tolerated.
Anyone caught with any illegal substance may be ejected from the site without refund and local law enforcement may be notified. 
Anyone found serving alcohol to a minor will be ejected from the site without refund. If you do not know an individual’s age don’t serve them alcohol. Ignorance is no excuse.
Fresh Water Spigots 
Sections of garden hose will be attached to the spigots at the drinking fountains through out the park to be used for filling your containers.
Please be considerate of other campers water needs and do not block access to the water spigots with tents, vehicles or equipment.  
Please be polite and draught conscience; don’t leave the water running to flood the area around the spigots.

Campers will be responsible for hauling their own trash to the large containers located in the asphalt parking lot areas.  To help control odor and pests garbage from your encampment should be bagged. The bags should be tied closed and hauled immediately to the containers for regular pick up.  
If you find that you need to dispose of large items after the war PLEASE take them to the dumpsters.  Don’t leave discarded tents, bedding, or personal items in your campsite for our overworked volunteers to deal with.  
Very Important: please don’t wait until the last day of the War to move your trash to the dumpsters for pick up.    
If we find that an encampment has abandoned a large amount of trash we will be contacting them after the war.  These groups may face additional fees for future attendance at this event.  
Remember our SCA tradition of leaving a site cleaner than we found it. 

If you post flyers advertising your wares for sale, your party, etc., you are responsible for taking the flyers back down. If you don’t, you may be assessed a fine. 
Basic Hygiene & Grey Water Disposal
Clarification: “Grey Water” is dish and bath water.  It contains No human or animal waste.
When using the gray water tanks please be extremely careful about spills, it is very difficult to clean up should a spill occur.  This can quickly lead to an unsanitary situation.
Do not put dishwater or food in the porta-johns; there might not be space in the tank when you need to use them. 

Do not put grey water in the sink or toilets in the stone privies. Spills can cause unsanitary conditions very quickly and are very difficult to clean up. 
Do not bathe in the sinks in the stone privies. 

Please place your food-scraps in a trash bag and take the bag to a trash container. 

Do not dig a grease pit or dishwater hole.  There may be no substances intentionally disposed of on the ground.  Please use the gray water tanks or white man-hole funnels for gray water only. Pour hot grease into an empty can, let it cool and then dispose of it in the trash containers. 

Do not leave personal products or human waste (diapers, private porta-pottys, etc.) on the ground for the volunteer staff to deal with. 
Fire Safety
No ground fires will be allowed. All fires must be in an elevated brazier. Braziers must be 10-12 inches above the ground and they must be stable. 

No open flames in tents. 
Do not leave torches, candles or campfires unattended. 
Security patrols are authorized to enter empty camps and extinguish open or unattended fires.

Tiki torches must be staked in a firm and stable fashion. Do not ignore the extreme danger involved in knocking over a burning torch. Tiki torches may not be placed in hay bales. 

Do not use Coleman fuel in Tiki torches. 

At least one (1) fire extinguisher is required for each tent or RV.  Please keep a fire extinguisher or a bucket of sand or water and a spade in plain view next to any brazier in use. It is highly recommended that all kitchens have at least one fire extinguisher nearby. 

No flammable liquids may be thrown on fires. 

All fuel for flame-powered devices should be handled according to the safety instructions on the containers. Liquid fuels should be stored and transported in their original container or a state-approved container. 

In the event of a fire, use extinguishers and immediately send for GWW security. 
Vehicle Regulations
Speed limit on all event roads is 10 MPH and will be enforced. 

All asphalt roads and parking lots in the park are under the jurisdiction of the local police dept.  Be warned that they take this responsibility VERY seriously. Be sure to observe all traffic laws and signs in the park. Tickets will be issued for highway violations. 

Do not park on the events roads any longer than necessary to load or unload.
Do not park in the parking lot in such a way as to restrict access or endanger other vehicles. 

Do not park in handicapped parking unless you have the appropriate license plates or placard displayed.  

Remember to lock your vehicle; GWW is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property. 

Any vehicle in violation of the above rules is subject to tow at the owner’s expense.
Security will mark cars by placing red tape on the driver’s side window. One (1) strip of tape is a warning to move the car. Two (2) strips means the police have been called. Removing the strips will not prevent the vehicle from being reported, records are kept. 

Violators of this code will be reported to the local police dept. 
Quiet Hours

Quiet hours will be enforced from midnight to 7 a.m. throughout the entire site. 

A responsible adult must accompany all minors (17 years or under in Calif. ), who are not legally emancipated, to the war site. This must be a parent or court-appointed guardian or the adult designated on the appropriate waivers signed and notarized by the parent or legal guardian.  Caid has a specific Minor’s Waiver requirement. 
Minor’s waivers must be notarized! 

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact a Seneschal in Caid, or ask your Kingdom liaison to contact the Stewards for information. These forms must accompany the minor and show the age of the minor at the time of the event.

Individuals attempting to circumvent these requirements will be considered trespassing and appropriate action will be taken. This could include expulsion from the event site of all parties involved in the attempt.  

Children seven (7) years old and younger must wear the bracelet issued at gate at all times. All children younger than twelve (12) years old must be within the sight or voice range of a responsible adult or older teen at all times. Failure to do so may result in sanctions ranging from expulsion from the site to notification of mundane authorities depending on the circumstances. 

Parents are responsible for knowing where their children are at all times. Neither Security nor the merchants are responsible for unsupervised children, although security may return unattended children to their parent’s camp. There will be no babysitting or daycare services provided. Check the event handbook for a list of children’s activities during the event.  
Pet Policy
With the exception of the Hound coursing activities all animals must be on a leash and in control at all times. 
No animal may be tied to any tree, shrub or fence. 
Proof of current vaccinations may be required. 
The war staff will attempt to catch and return your pet if properly marked. However, if your pet demonstrates aggression or dangerous behavior, county animal control officers will be called.
Please be a thoughtful neighbor and do not allow your pet to be a nuisance.  Barking dogs, pets that repeatedly escape and waste left for others to find are nuisances. 
Golf Cart Warning
Attention! Golf Carts are private property, not for personal use at any time. All persons operating a golf cart must be pre-authorized to do so and must have attended an approved driver safety and maintenance class prior to the war.
Any unauthorized persons found operating, moving, or altering the condition of any golf cart in any way may be removed from the site and could be subject to severe civil and or criminal penalties.
We mean it. You must be authorized to operate a golf cart or you will be removed from the site.
Parking Lot
Please stay with-in allotted spaces, Do not block other vehicles in, please have parking pass displayed prominently in case of emergency. Keep speeds slow to keep down dust, please lock doors and roll up windows. The war is not responsible for lost or stolen items or damage to vehicles.
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