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At the request of Their Majesties, and with the full support of the Baron, Baroness and myself, there will be some changes to the way we “elect” our next Baron and Baroness. This time we will be using an anonymous ballot system to cast our recommendations to Their Majesties, both at the althing and by absentee ballot for anyone who is unable to attend. (You will see the details of how to vote by mail later on in this email.) At the althing each eligible voter will be given a ballot to fill out. It will be exactly the same as what is in this email. After the candidates have had their chance to address the populace, you will be given some time to make your decision and cast your ballots. The Baron, Baroness and I will retire to a separate room to count the votes, witnessed by Their Majesties. Afterwards, the announcement will be made of who will be the next Baron and Baroness. 
If you have any questions we encourage you to ask either the Baron, Baroness or myself before the event, as the day of the althing will be quite busy. We want to make sure that we will have the time to fully address any questions or concerns you may have. 
In Service,
Katherine ni Cheallaigh of Skye
Seneschal, Barony of Darkwood
Absentee Ballot for the next Baron and Baroness of Darkwood
If you are unable to attend the Baroness’ Masked Ball and would like to cast your vote for the next Baron and Baroness of Darkwood, please fill out the ballot shown below. You may enter a 1st or 2nd choice. The 3rd choice is if you feel that there is a candidate that you cannot live with. You are not required to enter more than one choice, nor do you have to enter commentary. However, it is recommended, espeically for the third choice. If you are mailing your ballot, please send them to Their Majesties Uther and Kara at:
Harmony Satre
428 Alice Street #331
Oakland, CA 94607
You must put your SCA and your mundane names on the outside of the envelope. We request that you put your ballot in a separate, unmarked envelope inside. Please only send one ballot per envelope. The name on each mail-in ballot will be reviewed for eligibility to vote. The outer envelopes will be opened and the blank envelope inside will be set aside and will not be opened until the votes are counted at the althing. 
If you live outside of the boundaries of the Barony, are not active, established members of the “Great Unwashed” and would like to cast a vote you must email the Baron, Baroness and copy the Seneschal explaining why you feel you should be allowed to vote. An example of what would qualify someone as an active, established member of the “Great Unwashed” would be a person who is currently holding an office in Darkwood and/or has attended Darkwood events/meetings in the last year and wears the Darkwood favor. 
If you have any questions, please contact the Baron, Baroness or the Baronial Seneschal. 
Barony of Darkwood Absentee Ballot:
Choice 1: ___________________________________________________________
Commentary (optional):________________________________________________
Choice 2: ____________________________________________________________
Commentary (optional):________________________________________________
Candidate you can’t possibly live with: _____________________________
Commentary (Recommended):_____________________________________________
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