[Darkwood-SCA] A whole lot of rapier going on!

Tim Converse santiago at santiagosmagic.com
Sun Jan 20 15:29:59 PST 2008

We know that there will be plenty of cool rapier stuff happening at 
Estrella War!  But what else is happening that you can get those blades 
flying for?

Well I'm here to tell you that there is a lot of stuff to put on your 
schedule!  Just look at all these opportunities to play!

Feb 2nd - War Collegium!  Come out and get ready for Estrella!  Blayde 
and Illadore have some great stuff planned from everything I have read!

Feb 9th - Montaigne du Roi Prize Tourney!  The Canton of Montaigne du 
Roi in Darkwood is holding Prize Tourneys for both heavy and rapier 
fighters!  I'll be running the rapier field and I have some ideas for 
the tourney but you have to come out and play to find out what they are! 

Feb 12-18 - Estrella!  You know what that means!

Feb 23-24 - The Canton of Caer Darth is hosting a weekend long rapier 
seminar with Don Puck, Eric Meyer and Gabriela D'Avila!  A weekend of 
intensive training on historical rapier techniques!  How can you pass 
that up?

March 15th - Whiteshield!  The Barony of Darkwood will be holding it's 
annual Whiteshield event and there will be both heavy and rapier 
fighting.  I'll be running a tourney or two and we are also including a 
"Ladies Tourney" hosted by The Matilladores! 

March 21-23 - March Crown and the second annual Western Rapier Champion 
Tourney!  I believe the proper term is WOOT!

March 28-30 - The return of The Caer Darth Rapier Event!  And this time 
bring your RBG's because I've got some fun scenarios planned special!  
Lots of great silliness in store and even a couple of Guild Prizes to be 
played to boot!

April 4-6 - Mists Coronet!  Plenty of flowers to be fought for folks!

April 12 - The Vinhold Champion Tourney!  Last year Sheaghdha Cameron 
became Vinhold's Rapier Champion and for a year he and I have been 
training several rapier fighters in their Barony!  It's time to see who 
will claim it this year!

And that's just the first third of the year!  Come one you guys, get 
those blades out and let's have some fun!  I should be at darn near 
every one of these things (can't go to Estrella, but otherwise....) and 
I expect to see lots of my fellow rapier fighters at every one of these 

Guard to Her Higness Cyneswith
Dean of Students and Provost of The Royal Guild of Defense
Rapier Champion of Darkwood
and itching to get some fighting in now that the weather is starting to 

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