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Wed Jan 3 17:46:00 PST 2007

Dear Duncan,

It sounds like what you are looking for is the original documentation
the Barony used to register its name.  This is stored and maintained by
the West Kingdom College of Heralds and the SCA College of Heralds.  It
probably wouldn't do you to much good anyway, as the Barony is 20 years
old.  The rules have changed in the past 2 decades...a lot.  Also,
rules for individuals are different than the rules branches have to
follow.  What might be a legitimate place name might not be a valid
example of a personal name.  For instance, SCA branches can't use a
real place name like Paris or London. 

There is no "official" documentation, though there are period sources,
which is what is meant by documentation.  I suggest you start with your
local College of Heralds.  Or on line at the SCA heralds site (go to
sca dot org, click on the heralds page)  Laurel Sovereign at Arms ( the
Corporate level head honcho herald) maintains a great many references
and links.  

You don't list where you are living, so it's a bit harder to give you
sources to check out (like individual names or emails I could forward
your request to).  If you'd like to send me a few more details, I can
try to help out or check with the West Kingdom name commentary list.

In service,

Na'arah bat Avraham
Pursuivant at Large

--- Duncan of Darkwood <duncanofdarkwood at gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings to all of you,
> As of recent events, I am finally trying to register my name, Duncan
> of
> Darkwood, and I was told that there may be a conflict with Darkwood.
> Apparently, I need documentation for the name of Darkwood in history
> and not
> in the SCA itself.
> Does anyone know where I can get the "official" documentation so that
> I can
> submit that as proof that Darkwood is a legitimate location in
> history?  I
> have received several awards under Duncan of Darkwood and I would
> hate to
> have to change my name to accommodate the heralds in my area.
> Thank you for all and any help.
> Duncan
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