[Darkwood-SCA] possible archery space?

Laurie Hupman rose at santiagosmagic.com
Thu Apr 5 16:07:59 PDT 2007

Start with Duncan Vitrarius (masterduncan at sbcglobal.net) for the "how  
to go about it" parts -- he arranged the Ed Levin and Skyline Park  
deals, and I think he's worked up a step-by-step for brokering similar  
deals.  And if you need help with the legwork, talk to Lady Zinaida  
(deliriumskid at yahoo.com).  I know she's put together some regular  
archery practices at the Santa Cruz Archery Range -- is that the same  
place as the De Laveaga?


On Thu Apr  5 15:09:15 2007, ladybrid <ladybrid at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I've been taking my big boys to the De Laveaga Archery Range in   
> Santa Cruz, as they are showing lots of interest in archery.  The   
> club members there are all really friendly and family oriented.    
> They range wildly in age and economic brackets, and in interest-   
> everything from competition shooters to hunters.  They are also very  
>  welcoming and inclusive, and in sharing the space we ended up   
> sharing stories about hobbies and such.
> The De Laveaga Archery Range (off the golf and diskgolf courses) is   
> run by the Santa Cruz Archery Club.  They are open to the public on   
> weekend afternoons.  If you pay for a membership, you get keys to   
> the gates, and pretty much free access.  If you can't afford the   
> membership fees you can sign up for a "working membership" and you   
> do clean up and improvements on the ranges.
> They need some cleanup, upkeep and construction done on their   
> walking course.  Which is pretty cool.  They have a small practice   
> range outside, and indoor range.  There are a few bbq pits and some   
> picnic tables.  (As they used to be a gun range as well, there are   
> several "slots" outside that are all fenced and razorwired off,   
> which I'm sad no one has tought to turn into "field archery"   
> ranges... hmmmm...).
> I think there is great potential here for the SCA to get access to   
> an archery space, and to build community- much as the Principality   
> "work days" have opened up event space to us, in trade for some   
> work.  But I'm too out of the loop to know who to pass this info onto.
> The club folk also said there is a Mormon Church (Temple?) on Old   
> San Jose Road here in Santa Cruz that has a very large and well   
> groomed property that they will happily lease out for the day,   
> perfect for field archery events, or even perhaps a tourney.
> Anyone know how to run with this info?  I'd be happy to do some more  
>  leg work/ dig up contacts, etc.
> brid

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