[Darkwood-SCA] web site updates - Sept. 2006

Michelle Chapman-Thurber mct at warriorprincess.com
Wed Sep 20 11:07:51 PDT 2006

Greetings fellow Darkwoodians!

Updates today to the website (http://www.baronyofdarkwood.org):

1.  Updated the Events page - please note the date for the St. 
David's 30th Year Anniversary event has changed to October 14th.

2.  Updated the Awards and Officers pages.

3.  Added a new page to the History section - "Renaissance of the 
Huscarls of Darkwood"

Notes to various folks:

** Officers: If your information is incorrect (email address, name 
spelling, etc.), please email me and I'll get it updated.

** Autocrats:  If you copy webmaster at baronyofdarkwood.org on your 
event copy submissions, I'll put the event copy on the Darkwood site, 
and then send you a link which you can send on to the West Kingdom 
web minister so he can link it from the West Kingdom event calendar.

** Bards:  Want your piece(s) posted on the Darkwood site for 
everyone to enjoy?  Send it my way, and I'll add it to the Bard Box 
section (under "Resources").

Standard disclaimer:  As always, if you see pieces or articles you've 
written, pictures of yourself, or anything else of yours that you 
would like removed from the web site, for any reason, please let me 
know and I'll take it/them down, no questions asked.  This includes 
email addresses for officers and autocrats - if you don't want yours 
linked from the site, just tell me.  :)

Thanks all!


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