[Darkwood-SCA] First Night

vickie paynter ramsheart at redshift.com
Mon Sep 18 16:38:45 PDT 2006

  The people from First Night called me. They loved  us last year. At the MdR meeting people showed interest ,so I guess it's a go.
 First Night is a family oriented, no alcohol event. There are usually hundreds of things to do.  Lots of good concerts. It's on New Years Eve,starting at about 3:00 and goes until fireworks at Midnight. The parade usually starts at about 5:00. If you participate in the parade, or help out in another capacity you get a Button that gets you entry into all the venues.
  It's lots of fun. Last year some people walked in the parade, then left to do other things. That's fine too. This is basically a demo.Let lots of people know we exist.
   We need to figure out something to do to make us more interesting than just walking. Maybe a procession or something. Last year Garric added some Color, hitting on another fighter. One couple did some dancing.( unfortunately they didn't know that the waltz wasn't period. But the people in the crowd probably didn't either.) 
  Let me know, so I can start a list. Even if you aren't sure you can make it.
    Tatiana Todhunter
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