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  All, Sorry I missed this meeting.  
  My weekends are usually booked out and unless I know at least at least a week prior to a event "date" its hard for me to shift things around to fit something in,  especially around the end of summer. Winters are a bit easier :0
  As far as Corwyn and I are concerned we favor fighter practice on thursday, dont know what that 2 cents is worth, but there it is.  It is nice to be able to do the rapier practice and then do the stick practice. There are just too many things on two many nights and it is nice when things fall together on the same night and the same place :):).. 
  Also interested in doing a Horse A&S and or a tanning A&S ( no not tanning horses!!!).., a learn and ride thing at our stable in Felton.  We can discuss at the next meeting, practice or maybe at Crown? that will be Corwyn and mine next event.
  Bjorn of Novgorod!
1. Changing the night of fighter practice -- it has been suggested 
that we move fighter practice to Wednesday nights in an effort to 
attract some of the teachers from over the hill to Santa Cruz.

2. St. David's 30th Anniversary event on October 14th.

3. Demos at OPERS and Cabrillo -- does anybody have any information?

4. Anything else?

As usual, dinner is potluck.

yer seneschal


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Good horsemanship is not bought, its earned and is never sacrificed for performance.
-- Bjorn

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