[Darkwood-SCA] Calling Raven (ring ring) - Authorizations prior to M/C War

Bjorn of Velikiy Novgorod deliriumskid at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 12 11:10:35 PDT 2006

Hi All,
  I just tried calling the number to Raven in the Darkwood Drum, that number is no longer valid. 
  So Raven if you read this or if someone can forward it to him, I am trying to finish my offical authorization prior to the M/C War this weekend.  My kit is as done as its going to get and I am no longer hitting myself in the face with my polearm! yeah!
  So please, if Raven (u) cannot make it could we have an authorizing Marshal at Caer Darth/Darkwood practice this thursday fill in?!! Please, pwese!.. I can bribe with brownies or a pizza?! Just need to know that there will be a Marshal there so I dont go the war offically, unoffical and get the hard whap of I shudda been more prepared then to ask to authorized at a WAR.. Sorry I dont want to do the poster child thing..
  I had set up time last week to get authorized but life through a loop for the Marshal in charge but I got to learn some cool rapier stuff.
  Sorry if I am short cutting an offical loop, put the newbie dummy hat on me and let me know what is the "offical way"!.  
  Bjorn of Novgorod

Good horsemanship is not bought, its earned and is never sacrificed for performance.
-- Bjorn

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