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Subject: [sca-west] Armor stolen, please keep an eye out!
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Well, I am another victim to theft, last night my car was broken into.
I will list what was stolen for those that know my rig please keep an
eye out for me. For those not familiar with the rig I use the leather
armor pieces are of Torvaldr's style.

- Black leather and mild steel articulated legs with pointed knee cop
- Black leather gorget
- Black full arm with mild pointed elbow cop
- Mild pointed elbow cop
- Black leather spauldrons with a painted Celtic Cross design in gold
and silver with upper arm articulation
- Armor repair bag (Black fabric)
- Armor bag (Black with a golden Marine Corps eagle globe & anchor on

- Black painted mild steel Corinthian with stainless highlights and
brass rivets (Brand's pattern but not his make)
- Plain Front and back mild 18 gauge Musulata with unique clavical made
neack neck line on breastplate

I should feel kinda lucky that they for whatever reason did not take my
new custom helm or the body armor and square shield. Still the loss was
pretty bad for me. I appreciate anyone that keeps an eye out for me.

In Service,
Faelan ua hEogain

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