[Darkwood-SCA] Caer Darth Fighter Practice moves to Wednesday Nights!!

Cassandra Rossignol cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net
Fri Nov 17 09:19:34 PST 2006

Really?  I'm surprised by this sudden change in scheduling related 
sentiment by all Caer Darth fighters, considering that the fencers - who 
do all show up pretty regularly, even when the weather isn't ideal - 
seem perfectly happy with Thursdays.  I mean, I live with a fencer who 
went to practice just last night, and she never mentioned a change was 
in the winds.

Also, wasn't this the very issue that our Caer Darth Seneschal carefully 
investigated over the last six or eight months?  I thought I remembered 
the end result being a very recent official canton decision not to 
change fighter practice day or time, and to keep the heavy and fencing 
fighter practices simultaneous in an effort to promote baronial unity or 

<scratching head>

Gerry Fail wrote:

> After speaking to the few fighters that show up regularly, we have 
> decided to move fighter practice to Wednesday nights to entice out of 
> town fighters to come to Caer Darth.  This change is effective 
> immediately and we will hold our first Wednesday night practice this 
> coming Wednesday at 8pm.  Practice will be held at the usual place in 
> Santa Cruz at the triple decker parking structure in downtown.  If you 
> need directions or have questions, please let me know.
> YIS,
> Raven Silverthorne
> Marshal, Caer Darth
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