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What usually gets done for the Make-A-Wish kids?  There might be something 
to be borrowed from that.

I also *highly* recommend checking with TRM if anything gets done 
involving the word "knighting."  Depending on what's proposed, they 
probably won't get their knickers in a knot about it - but it's good form 
to run it by them in advance.  Besides, They may wish to tweak the idea, 
or send a letter, or something.


> Hello fellow Darkwoodians,
> I received this very interesting letter through the Darkwood web site.  To be 
> honest, I was stumped as to how to reply, and hoped that the tender folk of 
> the Barony could help ... could/should we organize something to help these 
> folks?  It doesn't even have to be an official SCA thing...
> Cheers,
> Quentyn
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>> Dearest Barony of Darkwood,
>> I am writing to you regarding a very important personal request.
>> We know of the SCA in South Carolina as they were a part of our Medieval 
>> Festival.
>> My husband has always been a fascinated follower of the history of Medieval 
>> times,
>> and we were in training to be next in line for the king and queen of the 
>> festival, however

>> Last summer my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and all plans 
>> changed.
>> We have returned to our native homeland, here in the Bay Area, to receive 
>> care at Stanford
>> and be surrounded by our family and long time friends. My husband has 
>> fought a valiant fight.
>> He has done so well for almost a year. Alas, it appears we are nearing the 
>> end of this journey

>> Here is my personal request. I was wondering if any of your SCA members 
>> would consider
>> coming to our home to knight him. This would be the greatest gift I could 
>> ever imagine for him.
>> We are having a Celebration of Life for Matt on Saturday June 10th here at 
>> our home in Morgan Hill.
>> If there is any way that this could happen, especially on this date, I 
>> would be so eternally grateful.
>> You just can’t even imagine what this would mean to him. It would be a real 
>> live dream come true.
>> Thank you for your consideration in making this very difficult time turn 
>> into a magical memory.
>> Brenda Joy for Matthew Houtz
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