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Wed May 24 17:16:39 PDT 2006

This Saturday, May 27, is the Performance Arts Symposium, hosted this
time by the Canton of Koenigstaadt.  Wonderful teachers from all around
the area are offering a fabulous array of classes.   The hardest part
of the day will be deciding which of the myriad classes to attend.

If the current discussions about bardic circles have given you an
interest in learning period songs, this is a good event to explore

If the dancing at Investiture made you long for a chance to try it. Or
to learn more dances.  Or just watch other people trying to learn new
dances, this is a good event to explore that.

If you play an instrument and want to meet others that play, or to
learn some more about how to play your musical instrument with period
music, this is a good event to explore that.

If you've watched the Golden Stag Players or Bella Luna or other groups
who perform plays and skits, and have a curiosity about learning more
about the dramatic arts in our period, this is a good event to explore

And if you want an evening of fellowship as we all share that which we
have learned through the day.  An evening of festivity as we perform
for one another.  And an evening of fun, as we participate in making an
entertainment together, then this is THE event for you.

Class details and directions are in the Page and on the West Kingdom
Website http://www.westkingdom.org/calendar/PerformingArtsSymposium.php
or contact Na'arah bat Avraham :  the_momstable at rocketmail dot com 

Bring a sack lunch for yourself and a dinner potluck finger food to
share.  The discussions and sharing at lunch and dinner will be part
and parcel of the whole experience.

Please note:  We have added an additional class to the schedule

Vocal Music Track 10:30-11:45 - Many Voices, One Song: A Discussion of
Bardic Circles: Branwen Crycctheng
This is a combination of discussion and singing. What do you want from
a bardic circle? What worries do you have? What can make a bardic
circle work? 
Come and begin the day sharing ideas, concerns, and music.

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