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My apologies, I intended to mention that, but forgot.  I live in northern Hollister (also Hawks Haven, I believe)
  I was also in contact with Lady Awrabella and will be attending the pottery class on Wednesday if at all possible.
  Thank you for reminding me,

Wilhelm <wilhelm at sanmartin.com> wrote:              Allen
  Where do you live? I am from Hawks Haven which is   the Morgan Hill area. You may get e-mails from other people in the very large   Barony.
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Good day,

I'd like to introduce myself, rather than     lurking, since this list seems rather quiet.  While I've never visited an     SCA event, (local Renfaire doesn't count...) I'm quite interested in much of     what I've found online.  Everything from Calligraphy to modern     castlebuilding.

My mundane name is Allan, haven't quite figured out a     persona for period use, though.  Working on some research for a     reasonable attempt at garb so I don't feel too self-concious when I *do*     manage to visit an event.

I've already been interested in Calligraphy,     bookmaking, blacksmithing, armoring, and other period craftsperson     persuits.  Even before coming upon the SCA, I had often considered ways     of making modern conveniences work with ancient equipment (whether they     actually did or not is another story).  Hot water showers and running     water, hydro-powered smithy bellows (paper mill, grain mill, clothes washing,     etc.) and perhaps even landscape watering.  

Well, I can't really     think of anything further to ramble on about (besides how cool it would be to     build a real castle...o.O) so I'll cease.

If anyone has some pointers     for a newcomer, or just some interesting information, let me know.  Thank     you,

Allan S. Menefee

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