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Hello, my friends.  By now, you have probably all heard that Siobhán ní 
hEodhusa (mka Leigh Ann Hussey) was killed in a motorcycle accident on 
Tuesday evening.  She wrote "To the West" and "Black Swan Rising", among 
many songs, and was the first Bard of the West and the second Bard of 
the Mists.  She was a wonderful singer and violinist.

This Saturday is Mists Investiture.  Their Highnesses Roric and Peza 
have asked the West Kingdom Choir to lead the populace in singing "To 
the West" during their final court.  WKC will supply the words and 
scores to any who want them.  Two scores will be available:  the simple 
melody-and-words score from the Elf Hill Times songbook, and the full 
5-part arrangement by Alessandro (which, by the way, was blessed by 

WKC will also be leading the populace in singing "To the West" at June 

I have upload a full set of practice files to our Yahoo group, as well 
as to sca-west and SCA-Xton.  I urge any of you who can to come and sing 
Saturday at Investiture.  Just learn the melody if you want.  Don't 
worry at all about how well you know it.  This is not a performance -- 
it is a wake.  Everyone there is going to be singing, and most of us 
will probably be crying.  Hell, I'm crying just writing this, and I 
never even met the Lady.

And by the way, if any of you are wondering, as I did, "Siobhán ní 
hEodhusa" is pronounced "shah-VAHN nah HAY-sa".  As I have often said, 
the French never learned to spell, but the Gaels never even grasped the 

Love to you all,

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