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Tue May 9 09:29:50 PDT 2006

Beltane was indeed a wonderful event, even though I missed great chunks  of 
it due to driving and to enjoy the beautiful green hills and oak  trees.

His Majesty Radnor has defined a "court" to be just like a  previous court, 
except that it will take no longer than 90 minutes. While this  may mean that 
there are more frequent courts, each individual court will be of a  manageable 
length. This seemed a very sensible idea to the small percentage of  the 
populace who were actually at court. 

His Majesty also passed out  tokens to the populace at court to deliver to 
those who normally camp farther  out and keep more to themselves. These tokens 
are "the King's Cup", and the  message to go with the tokens is that His 
Majesty has at the Royal Pavillion  drinks -- both of spirits and those merely for 
the quenching of thirst -- and if  a person arrives with a token he or she need 
only say that they have the King's  Cup, and His Majesty will provide them 
with drink. (I suspect that He wouldn't  turn someone away who didn't have a 
Cup, either, but I don't know for sure.)  

Another highlight of the event for me was Duke Uther's speech. Radnor  had 
approached Their Majesties Fabian and Eliska, and Duke Uther stood to remind  
the populace not only who Her Grace Ysabeau was (as if we would forget), but  
also to tell of his experiences in their household and what grace she brought to 
 it. It was a very moving speech, with humor and sentiment and love for the 
two  of them. I cried.

Someone else has mentioned that the composer of "Fair  Mistlands" sang, with 
the West Kingdom Choir, a new arrangement for Flieg. It  was very nice. Lots 
of people cried.

Prince Rorik announced that Ed Levin  Park (a huge county park right next to 
Milpitas) has agreed to an arrangement  where they will let us camp, and also 
do improvements in the park to our wishes.  We will need to put in some sweat 
equity (the first work party is this next  Saturday -- talk to Duncan about 
volunteering), but will get money on our  account for the work down. In this 
way, we might get free events. There was  more, but I don't remember any details, 
and I hope I haven't made any major  mistakes. 

Bryn was knighted. I am very, very disappointed that I missed  the ceremony, 
so I can't give you any details, but she looked wonderful in her  white belt.

The salon was superb. The dresses (oh, the dresses) of the  ladies made me 
very jealous. I'm getting too tired to finish this, but I hope  someone else 
will comment on what all went on.

Branwen ferch  Emrys


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