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Christophe d'Avignon christophe at games.sca.org
Mon Mar 27 12:39:42 PST 2006

Apologies to those who receive this multiple times. I wanted to get the
word spread widely.

I finally got in touch with the rangers and had a walk-through of the
site this weekend. It’s fairly marshy in spots and the forecast
says another front will be moving through tonight/tomorrow with yet
another coming in Friday, so expect a rather wet weekend.

We do have to pay the park fee in addition to the site fee. It’s
$5 per car for daytrippers and $6 per family (they’re interpreting
that as $6 per tent, it can be looked at either way) for campers. These
two costs are separate. If you’re camping, you have to pay the $6,
total. *Not* $6 plus $5 per car. And no, sunshades don’t count as
an extra tent. They’ll have the kiosk at the park gate manned
Friday from noon ‘til about 8 and Saturday from 7:30 ‘til
about 4, so we’re not responsible for collecting the park fees.
Those who come in Friday night after they close down the park gate,
there will be a Hastings lock on the gate, and you will be on your honor
to go back Saturday and pay the park fee. Also, the rangers are going to
talk to the Sheriff’s deputies to make sure we don’t wind up
having to man the park gate all night Friday, as the deputies have
required in the past. (Yes, my fellow constables, I thought of us in
asking questions of the rangers. And the specific rangers I spoke with
are two of those who will be on duty this weekend, so that should help
eliminate any potential problems.)

Oh, and with the wet ground, there will be *no* vehicles allowed on the
grass whatsoever. So those who have carts, please bring them and if
those who don’t can borrow them, it will be greatly appreciated.

I’m posting this as widely as I can, but please feel free to
cross-post to any and all lists I’m not on. If there are any
questions, email me at christophe at games.sca.org or call me at

Also, Urtatim, if you would be so kind, could you add this information
to the Coronet web page? Thank you!

Christophe d’Autocrat (Yes, Felicia, I know that’s going to
get me pinched... Again.)

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